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Lipo Sculpting Solutions provides the latest advancement in High-Definition Body Sculpting throughout North America.

About Us

At Lipo Sculpting Solutions, we not only provide the technology and systems to physicians but also teach and train them in advanced techniques on how to be the most effective, proficient and profitable clinicians in the industry. Our physicians produce results that other physicians can only dream of providing for their patients, while adding significant six-figure additional income to their practices. Lipo Sculpting Solutions’ exclusive technology cannot be replicated, thus providing the most dramatic High-Definition Body Sculpting results found anywhere in the world.

Please see our Technology Highlights page to learn more about how other physicians are doing this and be sure to view our live Demo Procedure. Please see our dramatic BEFORE and AFTER photos which were taken in doctors’ offices in just an HOUR. These are actual patients with results that most find too good to be true.

Industry Information and Market Potential

  • For Men, Liposuction is the #1 surgical aesthetic procedure. (ASPRS annual physician data.)
  • For Women, Liposuction is the #2 surgical aesthetic procedure. (ASPRS annual physician data.)
  • By the year 2019, Americans over the age of 55 will have a buying power of over $3 trillion.
  • 12,000 American “baby-boomers” turn 50 every day. This will continue for the next 20 years!
  • “Baby-boomers” makeup 51% of the US population and control 75% of the country’s wealth.
  • In 2017, $56 Billion dollars were spent on aesthetics, $32 Billion of that was spent on Body Sculpting!
  • Aesthetic clients spend 380% more than traditional day-spa clients.
  • Aesthetic clients are a cash-only business. No insurance hassles!
  • Aesthetic client retention and repeat visits run as high as 90%.
  • Only 10-15% the demand for aesthetic services is currently being met.
  • People aged 35 – 50 have the most procedures done; 44% of the total.
  • These statistics are of YOUR patients; why not offer these services in-house?
  • Millennials are looking for Instant Results, We meet that demand with our Innovative Technology.

Before & After Results

Natural Brazilian Butt Lift

Learn how to get the most superior cosmetic effect, projection, and natural feel, how to develop the shape in a step-wise sequence, determining the volume endpoint, tips and tricks for maximizing results!

85-96% Cell Viability – Patients will keep their natural results due to the 85%-96% cell viability, thus increasing patient demand.

Natural fat transfer provides the most superior cosmetic effect, projection and natural feel. Let us show you how to develop the ideal shape by our proprietary sequence proven to maximize results!

Lipo Sculpting Solutions

Explore Our Competitive Edge for
Physician And Patients Alike

Full Turnkey Solution

We value your investment just as much as you do, so we provide the equipment, training, proctoring, certifications and marketing tools to ensure your success with our system.

Profitable Model

With a basic procedure price of $5800, even one basic procedure a month makes Lipo Sculpting Solutions profitable for you.

Compete In A Preexisting Market

Aesthetics is a booming market with a large existing patient base. The Lipo Sculpting Solution is your chance to compete in this 56 billion-dollar industry.

Adjust Augmented And Amplify

Our state-of-the-art system is made not just for minimally-intrusive fat removal but also for the fat transfer—so you can add breast augmentation, butt lifts, and abdominal etching to your arsenal of expertise.

Body Sculpting Services

Treatment & Amenities

Stomach/ Abdomen

Stomach/ Abdomen

These fats have been linked to Inflammation, heart disease, and abdominal fact.

Love Handles/ Flanks

Love Handles/ Flanks

The sides of deposits of excess fat at the side of one’s waistline.

Under The Neck

Under the Neck

A common condition that occurs When a layer of fat forms below your chin.

Back/Bra Area

Back/Bra Area

This trouble spot can be hard to get rid of even if you’re right on point.

“The MedSpa industry can be simply defined as the world between the cosmetic counter and the cosmetic surgeon.”

Fat Transfers and Liposuction procedures are quickly becoming the most popular procedures in the US, and more and more men are gaining confidence by getting into the game too! Abdominal Etching “One-Hour Six Pack” and Gynecomastia Removal are a hot procedure few technologies can deliver.


Increase Your Profit

In office procedures are dominating the clinical space. With reductions in reimbursements, physicians are looking at alternative solutions to not only supplement their office income but Dramatically Increase Revenue.


In The profit Lipo-Sculpting No anesthesia needed No O.R. associated costs No consumables Patient is awake and back to work in a few days.


Over 1.3 million procedures performed in the U.S. alone in 2015 and growing Virtually zero (.001) retreat rate = No REDOS, only positive referrals 1 case a month and you are profitable 5-YEAR TECHNOLOGY WARRANTY; unlike other systems, $5,700 average PROFIT per case without the Fat Transfer (additional revenue per patient).


Default Procedure 10 Minute $5800

Lipo Sculpting Solution’s Equipment

The latest advancement in body sculpting technology is finally here. Lipo Sculpting Solution’s Device or High Definition Lipo has been FDA Approved in Europe for over ten years. In the United States for 7 years. It’s now available to the market for over three years.

Lipo Sculpting Machine

Benefits of Lipo Sculpting Solutions Machine

Our elite HD Lipo machines are professionally manufactured and assembled by hand in Germany to ensures perfect quality control and safe experience for your patients.
We aren’t here to sell you a piece of equipment and wish you good luck. Every purchase includes 40 hours of didactic training with live observations at one of our excellent centers.
Our physicians should have maximum confidence in our product. We provide in-clinic proctoring to make sure of this.
Not a licensed plastic surgeon? You don’t need to be. After completing our training and proctoring, you’ll receive the credentials you need to become a powerful player in the Aesthetics field.
Our business development assistance ensure that you have a solid patient base from Day 1. We believe fully in the Lipo Sculpting Solution, and our instant results provide your best marketing tool.

We Provide the keys to Success

Best Equipment On The Market!

Incredible Patient Experience Equates To An Increase in Referrals.

Training For Clinical Success, patient Success and Financial Success.

Marketing for Success.

We are Your solution to today’s rapid decline in patient reimbursement challenges. With the constant hospital acquisition pressure, our equipment gives you a clinical as well as financial option to keep your practice(s) profitable

doctor GUI

Dr. Ken

It took me a few cases to get used to the 3-Dimensional vibration of HD Lipo, but now I look forward to the stimulation.

Dr. Ken

Internal Medecine, Fort Worth, TX
doctor GUI

Dr. Bryan

I never thought that it would be possible to perform liposuction under exclusively local, tumescent anesthesia without oral meds on board. High Definition Lipo has changed the way I approach liposuction completely.

Dr. Bryan

Dermatologist, Chicago, IL
doctor GUI

Dr. Mary

The only drawback to the HD Lipo device is that I have had to increase my workout to stay in shape! Lipo is no longer a workout for me and I can focus on precision

Dr. Mary

General Practice, Sacramento, CA
doctor GUI

Dr. Ryan

The infiltration system of High Definition Lipo truly places it in a category all it’s own. After years of traditional and resultant shoulder surgery, I wouldn’t use anything else.

Dr. R

Plastic Surgeon, Seattle, WA
doctor GUI

Dr. A

My first few cases with my new HD Liposuction went wonderful and the results were phenomenal. So far all patients have been fully operational the next day with no bruising and with great cosmetic results!

Dr. A

OBGYN, El Paso, TX
doctor GUI

Dr. M

In a direct comparative trial with my previous technology, HD Lipo proved to be 40% faster.

Dr. M

ER MD, Shelby Township, MI
doctor GUI

Dr. Edgardo

Since I started using the HD Lipo System, I have noticed a very clear and substantial improvement in my results. My touch up rate has come down to almost zero. I concentrate on getting the perfect definition and sculpting rather than on ‘fighting’ fibrous areas. My only ‘regret’ is that I am now dependent on this equipment!

Dr. Edgardo

Cardiologist , Chandler, Arizona
doctor GUI

Sara P.

HD Lipo has revolutionized my lipo practice….To put it simply it has made my job a lot easier, a lot quicker, and the results have been amazing!!!! Gone are the days of sweating as I work an abdomen over; gone are the days of cannula grooves and re-dos are a thing of the past.

Dr. John

ER MD, Asheville, NC
doctor GUI

Dr. Jene

This device is evolutionary! It represents the next step in liposuction.

Dr. Jene

Plastic Surgeon, San Antonio, TX
doctor GUI

Dr. V

My love for skiing is only exceeded by my love for performing liposuction with the High Definition Lipo System! It is AWESOME! I simply love using this device.

Dr. V

Head and Neck Surgeon, General Practice

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