Lipo Sculpting Solution’s Equipment

Safest Product on the Market for all Patient Types

The latest advancement in body sculpting technology is finally here. Lipo Sculpting Solution’s Device or High Definition Lipo has been FDA Approved in Europe for over ten years. In the United States for 7 years.
It’s now available to the market for over three years. There are approximately 400 providers in the United States.


The combination of the suction apparatus with the infiltration pump and the vibration drive means a competitive alternative for the liposuction.

The exact adjustable pump rate of the saline solution in the tissue is gentle for the patient and time saving for the doctor. He can take care of other things during the infiltration. The vibrating hand grip for liposuction cannula rounds the whole system off.

Lipo Sculpting Machine


  • 1 vibrasat power
  • 1 holder for vibrasat power
  • 2 heating trays
  • 5 liposuction cannula with plastic socket
  • respectively 3 liposuction cannula with steel socket
  • 2 containers for disposable bags 3 l

Technical Features

  • Harmonic vibration of handpiece produces a 3 direction movement at the tip of the cannula: in/out, up/down, side/side
  • Fastest mechanism of infiltration in the world
  • Most efficient aspiration rate: 3-6 Liters per hour
  • Vibration creates cannula course of 6-10 mm per stroke
  • Vibration decreases pain due to the Gate Control Theory of Pain
  • No patient upper limit BMI
Lipo Sculpting Solution Equipment
Lipo Sculpting Equipment

Indicated for BMI 26 and above

  • Aesthetic-Medical Effects
  • In office- No IV or General Sedation
  • 40% faster than other devices
  • Aspiration rate- 3-6- Liters/Hr
  • 3-Dimensional Vibration reduces physician fatigue and increases ease
  • Abdominal “Six Pack” Etching in less than 40 min

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