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I have been performing traditional tumescent liposuction and power assisted, laser assisted and ultrasound assisted liposuction for many years. I thought there would not be any further improvements in the technique but I was wrong. Since I started using the HD Lipo System, I have noticed a very clear and substantial improvement in my results. My touch up rate has come down to almost zero. I concentrate on getting the perfect definition and sculpting rather than on ‘fighting’ fibrous areas. My only ‘regret’ is that I am now dependent on this equipment!

Dr. Edgardo

Cardiologist , Chandler, Arizona


HD Lipo has revolutionized my lipo practice….To put it simply it has made my job a lot easier, a lot quicker, and the results have been amazing!!!! Gone are the days of sweating as I work an abdomen over; gone are the days of cannula grooves and re-dos are a thing of the past. I get exactly what I want with diamond cut precision. I barely have to move my arm…the rotating tip does all the work…much less blood loss…just pure yellow fat coming out. My time of tumescent infusion is cut down in half, as well as any patient discomfort, all because of the vibration. My actual procedure time is also cut in half. I have easily doubled my case load and my income. For me, it’s like the difference between cutting a tree with an axe versus a chainsaw–it’s a no brainer

Dr. John

ER MD, Asheville, NC


This device is evolutionary! It represents the next step in liposuction.

Dr. J

Plastic Surgeon, San Antonio, TX


My love for skiing is only exceeded by my love for performing liposuction with the High Definition Lipo System! It is AWESOME! I simply love using this device.

Dr. V

Head and Neck Surgeon, General Practice


In a direct comparative trial with my previous technology, HD Lipo proved to be 40% faster.

Dr. M

ER MD, Shelby Township, MI


My first few cases with my new HD Liposuction went wonderful and the results were phenomenal. So far all patients have been fully operational the next day with no bruising and with great cosmetic results!

Dr. A

OBGYN, El Paso, TX


The infiltration system of High Definition Lipo truly places it in a category all it’s own. After years of traditional and resultant shoulder surgery, I wouldn’t use anything else.

Dr. R

Plastic Surgeon, Seattle, WA


The only drawback to the HD Lipo device is that I have had to increase my workout to stay in shape! Lipo is no longer a workout for me and I can focus on precision

Dr. M

GP, Sacramento, CA


I never thought that it would be possible to perform liposuction under exclusively local, tumescent anesthesia without oral meds on board. High Definition Lipo has changed the way I approach liposuction completely.

Dr. B

Dermatologist, Chicago, IL


It took me a few cases to get used to the 3-Dimensional vibration of HD Lipo, but now I look forward to the stimulation.

Dr. K

Internal Medecine, Fort Worth, TX

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