Technology Highlights

High Level of Precision allows Physician to Focus on Results

Explore the key advantages for both physicians and patients alike. Discover how our technical features create a competitive edge against other products on the market.

High-Definition Body Sculpting with a Competitive Edge

In-Office, No IV or General Sedation, Cash Procedure, No Insurance

Active, vibrating infiltration maximizes patient comfort.

Shorter procedure time – 40% faster than other techniques.

Fastest infiltration and aspiration rate: 3-6 liters/hr, increased volume per case.

3-Dimensional Vibration reduces physician fatigue and increases ease of tissue penetration even in fibrous patients.

Repetitive motion of hand piece yields exceedingly smooth results and offers tightening of the skin.

Can treat any patient regardless of BMI.

Lowest disposable cost consumables industry wide.

2-year warranty.

Key Advantages for Physicians

  • 40% faster than other technology.
  • Can treat any patient regardless of BMI.
  • Remarkable de-bulking ability.
  • High level of precision allows physician to focus on results.
  • Significantly less fatigue.
  • Significantly reduces the need for re-treatments.
  • One hour procedure and quick recovery promotes patient referrals.
  • Average procedure generates $5,700 of PROFIT.
  • One case per week generates over $291,000 in PROFIT

Key Advantages to Patient

  • Gentle vibration increases patient comfort.
  • Minimally invasive – no damage to other body tissues.
  • The patient can stand for abdominal etching and verification of symmetry.
  • Patient can visually inspect the dynamic results.
  • Minimal bruising, scarring and less downtime.
  • Excellent skin tightening.

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