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“Dr. B told me it didn’t hurt, but I had to see for myself. I was awake and talking through the whole procedure and it truly did not hurt! I now have an hourglass figure and have referred all my friends.”

– Angela M.


“I really didn’t want the scar from a tummy tuck so I tried liposuction first. I couldn’t believe that I dropped 3 sizes and my skin tightened up beautifully!”

– Sara P.


“If I knew liposuction would be this easy and would make me look this good, I would have done it years ago!”

– Kimberly R.


“The vibration felt a little strange at first, but there was no pain. It has been 6 months since my procedure and I look like I did before I had my babies!”

– Sherry B.


“I have always been afraid of needles and I didn’t know if I could make it through liposuction awake. HD Lipo made it easy and I will go back to do my thighs next!”

– Jane E.


“I never dreamed that liposuction could be so painless and, actually, fun! When I had HD Lipo done, I kept laughing because the vibration tickled and it made everyone else laugh, too.”

– Diane R.


“At the end, he (the doctor) actually finished sculpting my body while I stood up! I got dressed on my own and walked right out of the office.”

– Julie C.


“I had my back, arms, waist and abdomen done on a Saturday. It truly didn’t hurt! I went home and took it easy and got up Sunday morning and cooked for 80 people.”

– Carol R.


“This was my 2nd liposuction procedure. I wish she (the doctor) would have used the HD Lipo device on me the first time!”

– Anna


“I have friends who warned me about liposuction–about the pain and their lumpy results. But the HD Lipo machine didn’t hurt at all and my tummy is smoother than it has been in as long as I can remember!”

– Karen H.


“Immediately after my procedure they bandaged me up and I got dressed. My pants were already inches too big! HD Liposuction changed my life.”

– Ginny R.


“My daughter cried with excitement when she saw me for the first time, 2 months after High Definition Lipo. She is getting married this year and I will feel so much better in the dress she picked for me to wear to her wedding.”

– Susan F.


“I have been self conscious about my flabby chest for as long as I can remember. After High Definition Lipo, I am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off at the pool. You can’t even see the tiny scars!”

– Steve M.


“I have worked out my whole life, but I have never been able to get the muscle definition that I wanted. My wife got me High Definition Lipo for my birthday and, for the first time, you can see my 6-pack!”

– Todd P.


“The vibration feels like a buzzing or fluttering under your skin. At times, it even tickled!”

– Stephanie S.


“Not only can I see the top of my thighs again, but you can’t even see my C-section scar anymore!”

– Christy D.


“It is so worth it! To lay on a table for a couple of hours with only moments of discomfort and to get up wearing 2 sizes smaller than I came in wearing? High Definition Lipo is amazing!”

– Michelle A.

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